RAD140 | Testolone


RAD140 | Testolone


RAD140 | Testolone is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). While using RAD140 you can expect vast increase in muscle mass and strength. Testolone will help you trigger lean muscle mass growth.

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What is RAD140 | Testolone?

Most important, RAD140 stimulates natural production of testosterone in your body. With this in mind, you can expect drastic results while using this SARM. It provides motivation and aggression which you need to crush your workouts. Not to mention, it is claimed to be the best testosterone alternative in the market. Because of anabolic effects, you can experience results with even a low dose. Testolone can safely trigger lean muscle mass growth and prevent muscle wastage.

All things considered, if you plan to get more lean muscle, do not look elsewhere choose RAD140. It won’t retain water while you use it and will provide insane amounts of strength. Testolone helps increase muscle mass dramatically with no elevation of liver enzymes. In conclusion, we always recommend to keep your nutrition in check while you are on cycle and set realistic body weight goals.

Benefits of RAD140 | Testolone

  • Neuroprotective – helps to improve cognitive functioning
  • Enhances stamina – you will be full of energy and aggressive in the gym during your workouts
  • Greater anabolic effects than testosterone – it will keep you motivated
  • Increases endurance and recovery – no muscle or joint pain
  • Increases muscle fullness and hardening effect
  • Helps burn fat – at high doses
  • No water retention
  • Increases muscle size
  • Increases bone strength
  • Helps to build lean muscle

Dosage for Men

The recommended dose of RAD140 for men is 10-30mg every day in a cycle of eight to twelve weeks.

Dosage for Women

The recommended dose of RAD140 for women is 10mg every day in a cycle of four to eight weeks.

After every cycle we recommend our PCT which is specifically designed to bring back your natural testosterone levels back to normal. Basically, it maximizes testosterone while destroying side effects. To sum up, it helps you to retain what you achieved.


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